Curtin university thesis submission

It should be sent to your supervisor one month before your presentation, in order to allow your supervisor sufficient time to read it and suggest improvements before you need to submit the final report.

You must complete an Authorisation Form located at: Copyright Form This form must be signed by you and placed bound as the last page of your thesis. Email is the primary means for supervisors to contact supervisees so it is important that you check your email regularly. The Chairperson will either find that there is 1 substantial agreement among the examiners, or, in the event of 2 no clear weight of opinion, will recommend the appointment of an Adjudicator.

Supervisors approval To submit your thesis you first must secure the approval of your supervisor to do so. Examiners then submit an independent written report on your thesis to the Thesis Examinations Officer.

Examiners may request that their names be kept confidential indefinitely.

Mid-Term Report

Ideally, you should have selected your supervisor and project topic by the middle of the first week of the term. The Graduations Officer will write to you in due course with the option of attending the appropriate ceremony or receiving the Award by mail.

Ensure your final thesis title is the same as that on your student record. Download and submit to your chosen binder with your thesis or they will not accept your order. The submitted version of your thesis must be the same as the final thesis in all essential respects, except if it is necessary to redact any material because of copyright or Intellectual Property IP restrictions.

Please see the current academic calendar available at: The complete log does not need to be in the progress report but it should be submitted to your supervisor at the same time as the progress report.

To assist you in selecting a topic, there will be project database to be publish at the beginning of the term. You should complete these in as short a time as possible to the satisfaction of the Chairperson. Graduating and receiving your award When the University Graduate Studies Committee has classified your thesis as passed, your name will be placed on the graduation list for Conferral of the Award by the Council of the University.

Full references with page numbers are required. The examiners are also required to assess the thesis in relation to your stated thesis objectives. The Internal assessor the Internal reviewer will be given a month to complete the reviewing process.

Logbooks can be collected from the Assignments Office at the beginning of the semester and must be submitted with your thesis.

If enrolment conditions are still not met within the designated timeframe, your enrolment will be terminated. An approval letter of candidacy will be issued by the Graduate School. The Chair of Graduate School, upon informed of the decision made by the panel of examiners, will give the formal approval in writing to the HDR student for submitting the thesis.

Accepted by supervisor on the projects database: Browse the projects database and consider possible project topics: The digital thesis must be submitted prior to your degree being awarded. The maximum time allowed to undertake the revision is twelve months.

This will usually occur because of security concerns or commercial arrangements. You may need to submit a redacted copy if your thesis contains third party copyright material for which you have not been able to secure permission or if your thesis contains Intellectual Property restrictions, cultural, political, or other sensitive information which you cannot make public.

You should make sure that any technical material is appropriately annotated and consistently presented. Examiners may request that their names be kept confidential indefinitely. A copy of report will be given to the HDR student either in hard copy or soft copy.

The names of your examiners must be kept confidential during the examination process.

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A timetable for the presentations is will be posted on the Student Page at: Double sided printing is encouraged, but not compulsory. Final examination outcome and approval to graduate After being satisfied that the external examination process is complete, your Thesis Chairperson will make a recommendation to the Faculty Graduate Studies Committee FGSC.

To access to Turnitin: The liquid fuels technology uses a two-stage process to pyrolyse and refine biomass into a useful fuel. You should work consistently and effectively throughout the duration of the project.

Note that it may take up to three weeks to have your thesis bound. Please submit the digital copy of your thesis along with the Submission of Digital Thesis form to thesesupload curtin. Objectives and Methodology -This specifies the objectives of the project and the needs of your intended users that are achievable in terms of time available and your experience.

All pages must be numbered and the font size should be a minimum of 11 point.Provided you’ve complied with the requirements for submission of thesis, the Thesis Examinations Officer will amend your enrolment status to Under Examination, which is the status you hold following submission of the thesis and prior to the University Graduate Studies Committee determining the thesis classification.

of submission) for all Curtin University theses will be made publicly available via the Curtin Library Catalogue at the time of submission to the Library. This metadata will also viewable in TROVE and. Information for Students. Introduction.

Information for Students

Thesis submission (three copies submitted for examination) ‘This report is submitted as part requirement for the degree of at the Curtin University Malaysia It is the product of my own labour except where indicated in the text. The report may be freely copied and distributed provided the.

Curtin University acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which the Bentley Campus is located, the Wadjuk people of the Nyungar Nation; on our Kalgoorlie Campus and the Wongutha people of the North-Eastern Goldfields.

Curtin’s institutional repository espace, is an open access digital collection containing the research output of Curtin staff and students. Trove The National Library’s ‘discovery service’ for information, resources and people – including Australian theses in digital and print form.

The Curtin Logo is to be in the top Right hand the centre of the cover is to be the full title of the thesis in capitals.

Student's full name between the logo and the title of the thesis. The following is an explanation of the forms that you will need in submitting your thesis.

Curtin university thesis submission
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